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Psychology services

Our services are delivered with the highest professional and ethical standards. We will ensure that your privacy and confidentiality are maintained and recognise trust as integral to the foundations of the therapeutic relationship and process. We adopt all of the provisions of the APS Code of Professional Conduct and Psychologists Registration Board Code of ethical standards.


We will provide you with space to explore aspects of yourself, your life and the barriers preventing you from experiencing a true sense of wellbeing and fulfilment. We will support you to develop a foundation of understanding, awareness and connectedness in addressing the difficulties you are experiencing.

Sunset Walk


Counselling can assist in developing a deeper understanding of your emotions and how you have learned to avoid them, protect yourself from them or allow yourself to be overwhelmed or controlled by them. Emotional reactivity is a difficulty many people face and often don’t know how to manage.


The counselling process can provide you with a space to develop acceptance of your emotions, where you can feel and observe what is needed to resolve limiting patterns and manage emotions with a sense of empowerment.

Thoughts and beliefs

Often we don’t realise the self-limiting nature of our thought patterns and beliefs and may not even recognise the influence these have on our perceptions and expectations of ourselves and others.  The process of counselling can be powerful in exposing the truth about this mental activity while providing space to develop perspective where access to the inner voice of the heart can bring clarity, purpose and a sense of meaning.

The body

Understanding how our body communicates with us continuously is an important life skill. The body holds the marker of our lived experiences, so learning how to listen, observe, feel, and allow are essential steps to healing our stored emotional wounds. The counselling process may involve body focused interventions, meditations, breathing exercises, and gentle movement. Learning to recognise how feelings are experienced in the body can help deepen your connection with yourself and access the wisdom you have within.

Skill development

On a practical level, there is much the counselling process can offer in terms of skill development.  Skills and strategies may be offered according to the particular needs you have, these may include breathing techniques and exercises, communication skills, emotion regulation skills, and daily living skills that maximise your energy and sense of connection with yourself, others and the aspects of life that are most important to you.

Everyone can benefit

You don’t need to be experiencing mental health issues to seek psychological counselling. Often people seek counselling because they want to improve their quality of life, deepen their self understanding, develop particular qualities, address barriers to accessing their purpose and to develop their spirituality.

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